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APP World Tour 2019 : Casper Steinfath & Seychelle Webster are crowned 2019 World Champions concluding a spectacular year

mercredi 11 décembre 2019Redaction SSS [Source RP]

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Casper Steinfath knew what he had to do coming into the Final event of the season and sitting in pole position : stay ahead of Arthur Arutkin and Michael Booth at all costs. Recovering from the flu, his pre-event build up had not gone completely to plan, but with a wealth of support from a strong Danish contingent of fans present to witness history in the making in Paris, Casper looked calm, cool and collected, ready to take on the biggest test of his career.

A win in the sprints on Day 1 would be enough to secure the World Title in advance of his weaker discipline, the distance race on Day two, and as the sprint rounds progressed on Day 1 in the Pool, it looked as though Casper was on target to do just that.

However, having made it all the way to the Final, an on form Connor Baxter proved an unsurmountable opponent in the final showdown, with the multiple times World Champion taking victory on Day 1. This left the Title conversation open until Day 2, although Michael Booth had slipped out of this with a disappointing sprint result, and leaving 2018 World Champion Arthur Arutkin with the unenviable task of winning the Seine distance Race in order to retain the Title.

Unfortunately for Arthur, it wasn’t to be, as despite a strong start, through the backend of the distance race, Arthur seemed to hit a wall, falling back through the pack and allowing Casper to cruise to his maiden World Championship Title, much to the delight of the raucus Danish fans on the RIver bank at the Finish.

It has been an incredible year for Casper, proving himself dominant in the sprint racing discipline to take the Overall Sprint Title for 2019 with two wins and a 2nd place his 3 counting results. He then took advantage of the extreme Red Bull Heavy Water distance race to swing the Title conversation in his favor, as he was able to win in dramatic fashion (repeating his 2017 feat), making all the difference to his Title bid.

His subsequent performance across the remaining long distances was enough for him to secure the coveted 2019 Racing World Title.

While the APP World Tour is wrapping its tenth year in 2019, the Racing discipline was launched in late 2011, as we are now crowning Racing World Champions for the 8th consecutive season. Incredibly, out of the 8 seasons, there have been just 4 Champions : Kai Lenny and Connor Baxter, both from Maui, share 3 a piece, with Arthur last year’s World TItle, breaking the stranglehold the two Maui athletes had for 6 straight years and bringing it over to Europe.

Casper now continues the European theme with this victory and is in good company with these celebrated World Champions on the APP World Tour.

APP World Tour Overall Racing Podium for 2019 :

  • Casper Steinfath (Denmark)
  • Arthur Arutkin (France)
  • Michael Booth (Australia)

Seychelle Webster makes history in 2019 with one of the most dominant performances ever witnessed in the sport of SUP

It has been an impressive year for Seychelle Webster : first year on Tour, and a wide range of conditions and disciplines to adapt to in order to secure her maiden World Title on the APP Wordl Tour. However, right out of the gates, it seemed that this was all in Seychelle’s stride, as she posted a pair of bullet wins at the first event of the year in London, putting the world on notice that she meant business and was going to be the Woman to beat on the APP World Tour in 2019.

Moving onto New York, Seychelle voiced concern about her exoerience in Surf Surf #Surf Racing, yet went onto secure another win in the sprints, proving any naysayers wrong, while slipping back a little in the distance to finish in 4th. Seemingly addressing that slip immediately, Seychelle went onto win the distance in Osaka and then finishing on a high on Day 1 in Paris with another win in the sprints to secure the 2019 World Title.

Her dominance was unquestionable, although challenged at every step by an equally on form April Zilg, and a distance expert and previous World Champion Fiona Wylde : 3 straight wins in her counting sprint results and 2 wins and a 2nd in her counting distance races is the most impressive record Record #sailingrecord that has ever been posted on the APP World Tour.

It was clearly an emotional achievement for Seychelle, as she shared with the crowd what it meant to her to not only win, but experience this incredible global journey towards a World Title, both personally and professionally. Her message was an inspirational one, heartfelt and full of appreciation.

Again in good company, joining Annabel Anderson, Lina Augaitis, Candice Appleby, FIona Wylde and Terrene Black as the previous World Champions on the APP World Tour, there is no doubt that Seychelle will be the Woman to beat in 2020, as the newly crowned World Champion with the target well and truly on her back.

APP World Tour Overall Racing Podium for 2019 :

  • Seychelle Webster (USA)
  • April Zilg (USA)
  • Fiona Wylde (USA)

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