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GP Petit Navire

Bruno Sroka and Fabienne d’Ortoli European champions

Julien Kerneur 4rth and first youth in Douarnenez

dimanche 10 mai 2009Redaction SSS [Source RP]

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The Grand Prix Petit Navire Kitesurf Kitesurf #Kitesurf certainly lived up to expectations, even though the riders weren’t able to compete in any further racing today due to a lack of wind. As such yesterday’s ranking now provides the official results for the European Championship, so after 12 races it’s the locals on this stage who take victory, namely Bruno Sroka and Fabienne d’Ortoli.

The organisation Organisation #organisation has been faultless with a vast number of races run, complete control of the new rules for this particular discipline and the perfect integration of what has been a big first in this stage at Douarnenez Douarnenez #Douarnenez  : namely a ‘racecourse’ style start, which involves competitors setting off into the wind, making the course even more technical and hence even more thrilling.

- Bruno Sroka, European champion 2009 : “It wasn’t easy but the work paid off. For the past three months Paulo (Paulo Rista : designer) and I have been trying to develop the gear. This Grand Prix has been a full scale test against some stiff competition. In the end, our choices proved their worth in relation to the other riders, who were sailing with classic boards. (NB. Marc Blanc, second and Bruno’s main rival, was sailing with a foil Foil #foil ). I am really happy and if our work enables the kite to develop then so much the better ! (NB : Bruno tested flat sailing for the first time here). I am really happy as it’s involved a huge amount of personal investment and teamwork with Paulo and this title is a reward for all the work we’ve put in.”

- Fabienne d’Ortoli, European champion 2009 : “I’m delighted. I really didn’t expect to finish first, especially in the presence of Steph Bridge (NB. World Champion 2008). It was a really close call between Steph, Caroline Adrien and me as we finished all the races within a few metres of each other. It was a superb edition though, with lots of racing and a higher and higher level each year.”

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Classement général Kite :

- 1. Bruno Sroka 10,20 pts ;
- 2. Marc Blanc 17,80 pts ;
- 3. Charles Deleau 20,40 pts ;
- 4. et 1er jeune, Julien Kerneur 31 pts ;
- 5. et 1er vétéran, Sylvain Hoceini 41 pts...

- 15. et 1re féminine, Fabienne d’Ortoli 133 pts ;
- 16. et 2e féminine, Steph Bridge 147 pts ;
- 20. et 3e féminine, Caroline Adrien 165 pts.

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