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Keel and masts standardised in the new IMOCA rules

samedi 21 décembre 2013Christophe Guigueno

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"IMOCA is moving forward, respecting its history, and preparing for its future." The class of monohulls entering the Vendée Globe and Barcelona World race a published the changes skippers and yacht designers were working for a long months. the main conclusion is that "the keel and the masts are standardised". a decision taken in the way to limit the budget and for security reasons.

IMOCA ratifies the new rules that apply to the new boats

On 17 December IMOCA validated the following decisions :

For greater reliability and better cost control :

  • the keel and the masts are standardised,
  • limited use of ‘exotic’ materials.

For greater simplicity :

  • the 10° criteria (maximum heeling angle in class measurement configuration, in a static condition) has been removed, thus making possible ballast tanks more viable ;
  • ballast tanks are limited to 4 in total (compared with 8 or more previously), two on each side in any position. The volumes are reduced and the boats are lighter with the equivalent power.

To contribute to the uniformity of the fleet :

  • The Righting Moment (or RM) is amended to 25.5 tonne-metres at 25° heeling angle ;
  • Ultimately the power to weight ratio between the existing boats and the new craft should remain more or less the same ;
  • The maximum weight of the keel bulb is set at 3,100kg to limit the weight gain in the new boats and stay in harmony with the existing boats ;
  • The AVSwc* is set at 110°, which equates to its previous value ; of note is the fact that the IMOCA 60s haven’t capsized since this value has been adhered to. This 110° becomes an important value, which will limit the volume of the ballast tanks controlled in other respects by the limitation of power.

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