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Swiss have a field day at Monaco’s Primo Cup first week-end

lundi 3 février 2014Redaction SSS [Source RP]

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With a total of eight races, of which seven counted, for the one-designs competing in the first weekend - Star, Dragon, Surprise and J/24 - and seven races, of which six counted, in the two IRC categories, competitors had plenty of opportunities to rediscover their reflex actions, sail trimming skills and get the feel of the helm again, so crucial to pulling off a win.

Unstoppable since the start of this first weekend with five race wins, the Swiss Jean-Jacques Chabard (Team Vision Future) dominated in the IRC 1&2 category, ahead of Frenchman Olivier Maubert (Esparlica 3) and Monaco resident Roberto Tamburelli (Forrest Gump III).

All in all the Swiss had an excellent regatta, with a double 1-2, not only in the Surprise class with Nicolas Groux (Signaterre) beating his compatriot Michel Glaus (Teo Jacob), but also Lorenz Zimmermann (Squalo Bianco VII) pipping Christoph Gautschi (Fram) to the post in the Stars. YCM society member Andrea Orlando (Acciuga Jr) clinched 3rd place.

In the other categories, the Russian Anatoli Loginov (Strange Little Girl), was victorious in the Dragons, ahead of Monegasque Michael Kurtz (Activists) ; the Frenchman Adrien Follin (Give Me Five) in the IRC 3&4; and not forgetting victory in the J/24 for the Greek Dimitrios Altisiadis (Evniki) ahead of four-time European champion in the series, Ian Southworth (Il Riccio), and YCM society member YCM Ian Ilsley (St Andrews Securities), European vice-champion 2013. Also competing in this class were two teams from the Manhattan Yacht Club here to take on the best European sailors, with their Commodore Michael Fortenbaugh, who sailed with Mathieu and Nicolas Bouchet, two young sailors of the YCM’s Sports Division, who race at a high level in 470s and lasers.

The first three in each series were presented with the Trophée Credit Suisse and SLAM Advanced Technology Sportswear by Alain Ucari (CEO of Credit Suisse Monaco) and Italian actor Ezio Greggio, surrounded by members of the Yacht Club’s steering committee.

Once again it’s proved a very competitive weekend for all six classes in competition. From next Friday it will be the turn of the SB20, Smeralda 888, J/70, Melges 20, Platu 25 and Longtze Premiers to pick up the baton for another weekend on the water which, as every year, should prove to be at a high level again.

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Classement Général Final

Dragon, après 8 courses (7 retenues) :

  1. Anapurnna (RUS) : 12 pts
  2. Activists (MON) : 13 pts
  3. Strange Little Girl (RUS) : 14 pts

IRC 1 & 2, après 7 courses (6 retenues) :

  1. Team Vision Future (SUI) : 7 pts
  2. Esparlica 3 (FRA) : 14 pts
  3. Forest Gump III (MON) : 14 pts

IRC 3 & 4, après 7 courses (6 retenues) :

  1. Give me Five (FRA) : 10 pts
  2. Tchin Tchin (FRA) : 19 pts
  3. No Limit (FRA) : 26 pts

J/24, après 8 courses (7 retenues) :

  1. Evniki (GRE) : 18 pts
  2. Il Riccio (GBR) : 20 pts
  3. St Andrews Securities (MON) : 29 pts

Star, après 8 courses (7 retenues) :

  1. Squalo Bianco VII (SUI) : 18 pts
  2. Fram (SUI) : 20 pts
  3. Acciuga Jr (MON) : 21 pts

Surprise, après 8 courses (7 retenues) :

  1. Signaterre (SUI) : 17 pts
  2. Teo Jacob (SUI) : 26 pts
  3. Twins (ITA) : 26 pts

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