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Nicolas Berenger won the Longtze division in Monaco

Battistella, Tolomei, Medecin, Ludovic and Molle winners of the other sportboats classes

dimanche 9 février 2014Redaction SSS [Source RP]

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“At this time of year the only place you can sail is Monaco !” – those were the words of the Frenchman Nicolas Bérenger, four-time winner in the Longtze Premier, and assisted on tactics for the first time by Bertrand Pacé. There was domination too by Stephen Molle (Grun), who led the German armada in the well-represented Platu 25 series, and in the J/70s where Frenchman Ludovic Sénéchal (Lulu la Nantaise) won three races. The Italian Ferdinando Battistella (Diva) won in the SB20 category, as did his compatriot Manfredi Vianini Tolomei (Maolca) in the Melges 20. Honours too for the women in the Smeralda 888 class with victory going to Blandine Medecin (Bear Essentials).

Conditions were tough for this 30th edition of the Primo Cup-Trophée Credit Suisse which lived up to its reputation as a demanding winter regatta that attracts a high level among the 800 sailors who come from all over the world early February each year. In total, there were 160 entries, representing 17 nationalities over the two weekends.

“It’s great to come across and race against America’s Cup America's Cup #AmericasCup helmsmen who got us dreaming in the first place,” comments a young Laser sailor from the YCM, Edward Albert-Davie, competing in the SB20 class. It’s true that since it was launched in 1985 on the initiative of YCM President Prince Albert II, the Primo Cup has hosted many of the great names be they Olympic or offshore sailors who come to Monaco to kick-start the Mediterranean circuit alongside highly skilled amateurs.

After a first weekend that brought together five series (Dragon, Star, J/24, Surprise and IRC), the bay of Monaco this week pulled out all the stops to welcome another six one-design classes : SB20, Smeralda 888, J/70, Melges 20, Platu 25 and Longtze Premier).

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Classement Général Final

SB20 après 5 courses (4 retenues)

  • 1. Diva, Ferdinando Battistella (ITA) 20 pts
  • 2. Black Magic, Ed Russo (FRA) 22 pts
  • 3. Un’altra Claudia, Carlo Brenco (ITA) 33 pts

Melges 20 après 4 courses (3 retenues)

  • 1. Maolca, Manfredi Vianini Tolomei (ITA) 4 pts
  • 2. Cinghiale, Robert Wilber (USA) 7 pts
  • 3. Matteo, Matteo Marenghi Vaselli (ITA) 12 pts

Smeralda 888 après 4 courses (3 retenues)

  • 1. Bear Essentials, Blandine Medecin (MON) 6 pts
  • 2. Botta Dritta, Adalberto Miani (MON) 6 pts
  • 3. Vamos Mi Amor, Charles Bourbon de Sicile (MON) 9 pts

Longtze Premier après 5 courses (4 retenues)

  • 1. Beijaflore, Nicolas Berenger (FRA) 5 pts
  • 2. Shensu, Jarmo Wieland (SUI) 13 pts
  • 3. Wetfeet, Eckhard Kaller (GER) 13 pts

J/70 après 4 courses (3 retenues)

  • 1. Lulu la Nantaise, Sénéchal Ludovic (FRA) 3 pts
  • 2. Carpe Diem, Jacopo Carrain (MON) 8 pts
  • 3. Jump around, Thomas Mellanoi (FRA) 9 pts

Platu 25 après 5 courses (4 retenues)

  • 1. Grun, Stephen Molle (GER) 5 pts
  • 2. Kamladei, Morten Nickel (GER) 11 pts
  • 3. Aramis, Martin Sigrist (SUI) 12 pts

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