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Solar powered boats

Monaco will organize the Solar1 Monte-Carlo Cup in July

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Solar powered boats from all over the world are set to battle it out over two days in the first truly ‘green’ solar boat world championship. Developed by universities all over the world and driven by young students, this race is destined to be a future facing sport ; it promises to deliver a fantastic display of skill and endurance - using boats powered purely by the sun.

Slalom, Fleet and the most exciting One on One races will take place in front of Port Hercules and in Larvotto Bay. It will be a fantastic spectacle round courses based on those proposed at the beginning of the last century.

“The solar power industry is expanding at such a rapid pace that it was crying out for an event of equal magnitude to unite and represent its stakeholders. Not only do Solar boat enthusiasts have an unrivalled opportunity to display their engineering talents but the exciting thing is that they can also compete equally well with both the vertically integrated energy companies and ambitious young students”, says Sergei Dobroserdov, CEO of Solar1. “As a location Monaco can undoubtedly deliver thrilling and exciting sporting events. But its commitment to sustainable development and projects aiming to protect the environment mean it is the perfect fit for Solar 1 races”.

While this is not the first solar race to take place worldwide, it will be the first time many will race in the open waters of the Mediterranean. Marnix Hoekstra, Director of Solar 1’s technical partner Vripack, witnessed the solar boat take to the waters of Monaco for the first time during the race trials.

“It is incredible to see these boats fly across the water”, he says. “We organised sea trials in Monaco in August that left us in no doubt that solar boats are capable and seaworthy enough for tough races ! Understanding how they work is all part of the education process which we aim to integrate into this event”.’

Solar 1, together with the Yacht Club de Monaco, will host three days of events 10 - 12 July which so far include :

  • Solar boat races
  • Solar Conference
  • Kids Solar boat model race
  • Opening/Prize-giving ceremonies
  • World’s largest solar-powered vessel Planet Solar confirmed their participation as Jury Boat.

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