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Henry Bomby : "I hope to build towards the single-handed transatlantic race next year and ultimately a Vendee Globe"

lundi 12 mai 2014Redaction SSS [Source RP]

Henry Bomby is delighted to announce that he will once again be participating in La Solitaire du Figaro for the third time after securing enough funding. The top Devon sailor will be one of 8 Brits taking part, all have passed through the Artemis Offshore Academy. Henry will also, for the first time, be competing in the whole of the ’Championship of France’, racing on board his new boat, ’Red’.

Henry Bomby, Red : "It is an honour for me to be racing under the name ’Red’ of Joe Woods ’Red Sailing Team’. I have raced with Joe for the last two years and last year Joe stepped in at the last minute, 2 weeks before the start of Solitaire to purchase 3 new sails for me, transforming my campaign. Spending £20-25k a year chartering a boat isn’t ideal if you are competing on the circuit for more than a year and so Joe agreed to buy a Figaro for me to use over the coming years, helping to massively reduce my campaign costs."

Henry also sails with Joe’s team on the Melges 32 Circuit.

Henry Bomby, Red : "We have already sailed 2 events out in Miami this year as we build up to the Worlds in December which has been fantastic. Getting to sail with guys like Chris Draper, Alister Richardson and Shane Hughes is fantastic for me to learn. Their attention to detail in all aspects of the campaign is something I am trying to take into my Figaro campaign."

The ’Championship of France’ is made up of the Solo Le Havre in May, the month-long Solitaire du Figaro in June and the Lorient-Horta-Lorient in September. The top 10 boats at the end of the championship win the right to compete with that number on their boat for the following season, which holds high prestige among the sailors ! No British sailor has ever achieved a top 10 finish overall for the season before.

Henry Bomby, Red : "It is effectively a cheap year for us with no race in the Mediterranean and no single-handed Transat which are both equally as expensive as a Solitaire du Figaro campaign. The new solo race to the Azores and back from Lorient is a great new race and will deliver a great return to sponsors. It is also a great next stepping stone for me - 10 days racing alone at sea against the very best skippers in the world is ideal preparation for me as I hope to build towards the single-handed transatlantic race next year and ultimately a Vendee Globe."

"Achieving a top 10 position overall at the end of the year is not going to be easy and for sure it is a hugely ambitious goal, but I am excited to be able to have a fair crack at it this year thanks to the support of my growing family of sponsors around me."

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