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Thomas Traversa is 2014 wave world champion

"I’m sooo happy that I was able to keep showing my best sailing at every event this year."

samedi 8 novembre 2014Information PWA

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Thomas Traversa (Tabou / GA Sails) is the new world champion crowned at the 2014 Starboard Severne PWA Aloha Classic. Quick interview.

PWA : How was it sailing with your injury ?

TT : “It was nothing really. Initially when I did it I had a lot of pain, but when I was sailing I was absolutely fine. All I did before the final was to take anti-inflammatory’s in the morning and night, and thankfully that sorted everything out.”

PWA : World champion for the first time ever - how does that feel ?

TT : For the time being I’m just happy, and also at the same time relieved that it is over. I’m sooo happy that I was able to keep showing my best sailing at every event this year. Pozo wasn’t so good for me, but every other event I performed well - always reaching the final. I think the difference this year was that I never gave up. I believed that I could go one heat further, rather than just being happy with making the top five. Finishing second here at the Aloha Classic is like a dream for me. Right now, I think that feels even better than the title, but for sure once I’ve had some time to let it settle in I will be even happier about winning.”

PWA : How were the conditions in the final for you ? And what kit setup were on ?

TT : “The conditions were really good. It was a bit tricky, with the wave sometimes closing out, but at the same time with the really offshore wind it meant sometimes it would just wall up into a really long wall - over head to logo in the biggest sets. I think this is the perfect size because this is the size where you can perform all the tricks, big aerials and big turns. I think it was basically the perfect conditions for a final. There was no luck involved because it wasn’t either massive or tiny.”

“Kit wise I was on my 4.2m GA Sails IQ, together with my 68l wave board, which is actually the same that I use everywhere else. “

PWA : How will you be celebrating ?

TT : “I will celebrate this week with all my friends that are here - I have to and I want to - and then in a weeks time I’ll fly back home to France to celebrate with my girlfriend, friends and family. Then I’m just going to enjoy the winter at home, we’re expecting a baby in February, so it’s an exciting time and life is pretty good right now. I’m loving life.”

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