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Barcelona World Race : Anna Corbella and Gerard Marin are third

They are the first all-Catalan duo to finish on the podium

mercredi 1er avril 2015Redaction SSS [Source RP]

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Sailing GAES Centros Auditivos the female-male duo crossed the finish line off Barcelona’s W-Hotel this Wednesday afternoon April 1st at 17h 09min 28sec UTC. Their elapsed time for theoretical course of 23,321 miles from Barcelona to Barcelona via the three great capes, Good Hope, Leeuwin and Cape Horn is 91days 05hours 9 mins 28 sec. They sailed at a theoretical average speed of 10.65kts

For both of them, finishing today completes their second racing circumnavigation. Corbella now has two non stop races to her name after becoming the first Spanish woman to sail around the world non stop when she finished the 2010-11 Barcelona World Race Barcelona World Race #barcelonaworldrace in sixth position with Briton Dee Caffari on a previous GAES Centros Auditivos. Marín finished eighth in that same race.

Anna Corbella (ESP) GAES Centros Auditivos : " It felt a long long race at times,, but right now I have the real feeling it was only short time ago that we left here. It’s a strange sensation, but really that final bit of the Mediterranean we have struggled a bit, and the Atlantic too, coming back north, that bit felt a bit long.

Gerard Marín (ESP) GAES Centros Auditivos : "At the begnning of Anna’s injury, when we were in the Atlantic, with the few maneouvers it was bearable, but here in the Mediterranean this is a place wth very variable wind and there are many maeouvers, and I am quite exhausted.

Gerard Marín (ESP) GAES Centros Auditivos : "It is very emotional and moving."

Improvement since last edition for both ?

Corbella : " I think that both of us, since we finished the last edtion, we had it clear that there was the chance to come back, and we have worked hard for that : we have sailed other classes together, we have done transatlantic races and I think this is the result of the work we have done, and we have prepared ourselves carefully."

Marin : "Obviously this time we have a good boat, and even though once you finish the race you start analyzing how it went. We are very happy because though there were some important errors - a few, but very crucial. For instance, the worse of them -and here it is lack of experience- at Cape of Good Hope we crossed a tropical low, and there we were with the group, we were 100 miles behind, and then we lost some 300-400 miles, and 4 days laters we caught a high that the ones ahead did not catch and of course, then we lost the race, they escaped 1000- 1500 miles away and then that was it, a step behind. But you realise that once it’s done. It’s very easy to see it later, but in that moment, the decission was difficult.

Marin : "I think Neutrogena was our objective, I mean, we know Guillermo well and we know he is a person who pushes the boat a lot, right ? And technically he is very good, so we knew that with the same weather conditions it would be complicated, bu t well, our hope was being consistent, keeping the boat in good conditions and if he had any problem, then we would be able to pass them. We were there and well, ... in the end it has been very nice, but well... we are happy."

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