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Tour du Finistère à la Voile : Geneviève Le Vaillant winner of the overall ranking

Patrick Dijoud’s crew winner of the youth and mixed rankings

dimanche 9 août 2015Redaction SSS [Source RP]

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The Finistère Sail Tour draws to a close with its finest day yet ! Indeed, it is in glorious sunshine that the fleet took the start of the final race of this 30th edition, a coastal course around the bay of Concarneau. The racers then made for Port-la-Forêt to attend the results ceremony that concludes this 30th Finistère Sail Tour in style.

With the wind taking its time to pick up, instead of the two windward-leeward courses initially planned, the Race Committee launched a coastal course of around fifteen miles. The fleet cast off from the pontoons of Concarneau at around 09:00am this morning to make for the race zone to the south of the Linuen mark. The different starts for each category were able to be launched this lunchtime in a light breeze of 4 to 6 knots.

“Spinnakers at last !”

It was a fine race for the crew of “Super U Lanmeur – Cabinet Aballéa AXA Morlaix”, which crossed the finish line in first position. “ We headed off on a beat towards the Glénan archipelago where we had to round Les Grands Pourceaux mark, which is where we managed to extend away from our pursuer”, says François Charles. After that, the competitors were able to hoist their spinnakers and climb up towards La Voleuse and then the Linuen mark, which heralded the finish. “Spinnakers at last ! gushed a delighted crew aboard “Ramapapa”. It was a fabulous day’s sailing with the sunshine and just enough breeze, so we round off the event on a very positive note”.

"Bitourik 2" crowned

Geneviève Le Vaillant takes the win in the Finistère Sail Tour Trophy – overall ranking, all classes combined – aboard "Bitourik 2". A seasoned racer, she made a great comeback after her last participation back in 2009.

Double whammy for "Pivoine"’s rivals

Having already won the Youth ranking in 2014, the crew of "Pivoine" has made a clean sweep of the prizes for the second time by again winning the Youth ranking. And Patrick Dijoud’s crew did not stop there, since it also won the new Mixed ranking. A double whammy for their rivals then, which serves as a just reward for their fine 13 th place overall. “ I’m very happy as we’ve made sure that we’ve had a part to play in two rankings. I hope it will encourage others to sail with the youngsters because it works, and the same is true with the girls, that works too !”

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Trophée du Tour du Finistère (classement général toutes catégories) :

  • 1. "Bidourik 2" (Jpk 1010) le Vaillant Genevieve, Centre Nautique de Plerin
  • 2. "Raki - Leon Grosse" (Armagnac Ancien) Marange Sylvain, Loguivy Canot Club Sect Voile
  • 3. "Compass" (X 332) Alain Guelennoc ,Y C Rade de Brest

Vainqueur classements Jeune & Mixte :

  • "Pivoine" (Rush Gte) Dijoud Patrick, Y C de L Odet

Classement des Clubs :

  • 1. Société des régates rochelaises - 10 points
  • 2. Société des régates de Brest - 15 points
  • 3. Yacht club rade de Brest - 18 points

Classement général après 4 courses :

Groupe Xavier Bourhis l’Assureur plaisance

  • 1 : "Raki - Leon Grosse", Sylvain Marange (Armagnac Ancien / Loguivy Canot Club Sect Voile) 7.5 points
  • 2 : "Asphodele", Romain Prime (First 29 Gte / les Glenans) 14 points
  • 3 : "Pivoine", Patrick Dijoud (Rush Gte / Y C de L Odet) 16.5 points

Groupe CCI du Finistère

  • 1 : "Let’s Go III", Daniel Abgrall (First 31.7 / France) 16 points
  • 2 : "Anegada", Philippe Girardin (Chance 37 / Societe des Regates du Havre) 18 points
  • 3 : "Melchonenn", Pierre Emmanuel Guillerm (Club 86 / Club Nautique Carantec) 18.5 points

Groupe Département du Finistère

  • 1 : "Compass", Alain Guelennoc (X 332 / Y C Rade de Brest) 11.5 points
  • 2 : "Aballea Axa Morlaix - Super U Lanmeur", Francois Charles (Dehler 33 Cruising / Canot Club de Primel) 14 points
  • 3 : "Karibario Kunkel Palettes", Jan Legallet (Sun Odyssey 40 Gte / Y C de Granville) 16.5 points

Groupe Crédit Agricole du Finistère

  • 1 : "Bidourik 2", Genevieve le Vaillant (Jpk 1010 / Centre Nautique de Plerin) 5.5 points
  • 2 : "Charrette III", Frederic Bourderau (Sun Odyssey 40 Gte / Ste des Regates Rochelaises) 9 points
  • 3 : "Cheyenne II", Alexis Bondu (Jpk 9,60 / Y C de Morlaix) 18.5 points

Groupe Super U

  • 1 : "Urukai", Catherine Pourre (First 40 / Union Nationale Pour la Course Au Large) 12.5 points
  • 2 : "Anne Et Sebastien Iv", Jacques Fily (Grand Soleil 43 Bc / Yacht Club Crouesty Arzon) 16 points
  • 3 : "Vaimiti", Frederic Level (A35 / Cercle de Voile de Seine Port) 20.5 points

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