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Luderitz Speed Challenge : Antoine Albeau was leading the race on Saturday ending with 51.66 kts

lundi 2 novembre 2015Redaction SSS [Source RP]

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The forecast was very good to train, at the start of Race Day on Friday, and then with stronger winds averaging 30-35 knots with much stronger gusts up to 55 knots revealing rough conditions on Saturday. Then, Sunday has not been as strong as predicted (only 30 kts average when the forecast was showing 40). One race day has been achieved as the conditions have been moderate for Lüderitz.

Antoine Albeau (France & actual World Record Record #sailingrecord holder with 52.05 kts) has done many runs the last 2 race days (31.10.15 & 01.11.15) : almost 54 runs with consistently high speeds > 10 times over 50 kts and 6 times over 51 kts and he was leading the race on Saturday ending with 51.66 kts.

Patrik Diethelm from Italy has broken his national record Record #sailingrecord again (was on 51.18 kts in 2014) and he got very close to the World Record with 51.77 kts on Sunday (01.11.15).

Monday the 2nd, shows some good winds and the World record is the ultimate objective !

Week 4, also produced other National Records and Personal Bests :
- Karin Jaggi smashed her Swiss record no less than 5 times : starting with 42.5 kts up to 44.92 kts (was 41.25 kts before her 1st participation at the Lüderitz Speed Challenge). She is now just 0.91 kts short of the Female World Record in Windsurfing !

- British Record Holder Farrel O’ Shea, set up 2 new GB records with 48.84 kts and then 49.28 kts (was 48.82 kts)
- Christian Bornemann (Germany) smashed his German National Record with an amazing 50.20 knots. (was 48.82 kts)
- Croatian Record Holder Boris Vujasinovic (who resides in the USA) improved his country’s national record 3 times, first with 46.66 kts and then 46.84kts and finally achieved 47.37 kts (was 46.51 kts)
- Jean Michel Cloarec (France) achieved a new French Record on Production Boards with 48.38 kts (was 48.33 kts from last year)

Numerous Personal Bests were also achieved :
- Manfred Merle (Germany) with a PB of 47.86 kts achieved 48.50kts and then 48.62 kts
- Christophe Richaud (France) arrived this year with his PB of 46.55 kts from last year and beat it on his 1st day with 46.66 kts and improving it on each run (4 times !) until achieving 49.28kts !
- For his 1st participation, French windsurfer Laurent Fesquet reached an impressive 45.11 kts, improving it 3 times ; 46.55 kts, 47.79 kts and 48.45 kts.
- Thierry Bielak (France) who held the Ultimate World Record in the 90’s with 45.34 kts improved his best speed on 2014 : 48.02 kts and did it again 3 times ending up with 49.94 kts – to cap his excellent final speed at the 2015 event, he won a Diamond in the Lucky Draw at Sunday’s Ceremony – well done Thierry !
- Christian Maillet (France) has achieved 41.67 kts improving 3 times his Personal Best for his 1st participation at the Lüderitz Speed Challenge ​

We see some riders leaving today whilst other well-known riders join the event :

A warm welcome to Raffaello Gardelli, Bjorn Dunkerbeck, Alberto Possati, Andrew Redfern, Roger Ornvang, Erik Beale, Martyn Ogier and Francesco D’Urso.

This highly exciting week has pushed performance levels to a high standard and Week 5 performances depend on forthcoming winds !

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