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M32 Series : Ian Williams and GAC Pindar crowned champions of the M32 Scandinavian Series

dimanche 11 septembre 2016Redaction SSS [Source RP]

Ian Williams and GAC Pindar were crowned champions of the M32 Scandinavian Series today after winning the series final in Stockholm. The local teams skippered by Hans Wallén and Nicklas Dackhammar couldn’t get close enough to challenge the British skipper in front of the crowds at Riddarfjärden.

The final of M32 Scandinavian Series in Stockholm attracted a huge crowd to the sunny race arena in the centre of the city. The winds were more stable from the west than previously in the regatta but the race course was still tricky to read.

The climax of the regatta came in the two final races where double points where at stake. GAC Pindar were comfortably ahead on the leaderboard but they didn’t secure the win until the sixth race of the day when they recovered from fifth to second place.

”We have had good speed and boat handling all week and the guys really fought hard. We couldn’t be happier about this result and it feels great that we could keep up the intensity on board. It’s been a great day with lots of spectators and it’s rare to come this close to the fans. There is a lot happening with M32’s around the world and it’s a great time to be active in this part of the sport” said Ian Williams.

Wallén Racing started the day in good form with a win in race one and then beat Essiq Racing and Flux Team in a tight finish to get second place in race two. Finishing third in the last final race was enough for them to be runners up here in Stockholm.

“We are happy with the result considering we haven’t sailed with this crew set up before. It’s been working really well with the guys on board and in this shifty wind, our new tactician Keith Swinton has been a lot of help.” said an overjoyed Hans Wallén.

Essiq Racing and Nicklas Dackhammar had a shot at challenging Williams for the series title heading into the event in Stockholm. But the regatta has been a roller-coaster for the Swedes who have sailed a lot of great races and good starts but also made a series of crucial mistakes. In the third race today they finally found some good boat speed and passed Typhoon X and Artemis Youth Racing to take the lead on the last downwind. Still, the young team could never put enough pressure on Williams.

“It’s been a tough day for us and even if the wind was more stable it was really tricky to get the shifts right. The guys worked really hard and we are happy about being second overall this season. Williams has been outstanding but now we are hungry to get another chance at winning the series next year.” said Dackhammar.

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M32 Series Scandinavia 2016

  1. GAC Pindar (GBR) - Ian Williams - 68 pts
  2. Essiq Racing Team (SWE) - Nicklas Dackhammar - 59 pts
  3. TyphoonX Racing (SWE) - Måns Holmberg - 50 pts
  4. TREFOR Racing (DEN), Nicolai Sehested - 34 pts
  5. FLUX Team (SWE) - Johnie Berntsson - 33 pts
  6. Wallén Racing (SWE), Hans Wallén - 27 pts
  7. US One (ISV), Taylor Canfield - 23 pts
  8. Artemis Youth Racing (SWE) - Rasmus Rosengren - 22 pts
  9. Trifork (DEN), Jes Gram Hansen - 20 pts
  10. Spindrift (FRA), Yann Guichard - 16 pts
  11. Evolveras Racing (SWE), John Bäck - 10 pts
  12. Rahm Racing (SWE), Mattias Rahm - 9 pts
  13. Team Anna (SWE), Anna Östling - 3 pts

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