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Posito Martinez, Estefania Rosa and Bibiana Magaji are the new World Kite Champions

dimanche 23 octobre 2016Redaction SSS [Source RP]

Here is the most awaited verdict : the announcement of the 2016 World Kite Champions ! Posito Martinez, Estefania Rosa and Bibiana Magaji, thanks to the points won at the Sardinia Grand Slam, take home the Kitesurf Kitesurf #Kitesurf World Champions title.

Uncontested pre-eminence of the Dominican Posito Martinez who in a week takes home the first place in the Big Air of the Sardinia Grand Slam and both World Championship titles (Freestyle and Big Air). For the Brazilian Carlos Mario his last minute forfeit has been crucial as it cost him a title which was practically already certain through his previous victories of the two legs of the World Championship.

To be underlined the performance of many Italians, many of them at their debut, who did well and even gained some important podiums. First of all Gianmaria Coccoluto : he graduated Italian Champion not longer than last Sunday and ended the Sardinia Grand Slam with a fantastic silver which earned him the leap into the international ranking from 27th to 11th place. It is almost incredible the performance by Andrea Vicari, eighteen-year-old from Lazio, who ranked fourth in Porto Pollo. It must highlighted the Freestyle quarter finals heat where he beat the World Champion Posito Martinez (who finished fifth in the event ranking). In the semifinals the Italian rider fought against Coccoluto in an Italian derby, thrilling for the audience, but from which he came out defeated by very few points. As little as 0.80 points the score difference between Vicari and Ariel Corniel (current #4 in the world ranking).

Among the women Estefania Rosa wins the Sardinia Grand Slam and the Freestyle world title. Same thing for Bibiana Magaji who won the event and the World Kite League title. Also for the women the Italian performaces were top notch. The absence of the Italian champion Francesca Bagnoli highlighted the performance of many other athletes. Among these Tiziana Sirigu, Sardinian athlete fourth-placed in the Big Air, and especially the 14-year-old Bolognese Sofia Tomasoni, debuting in an international competition and placed third in Freestyle in the Sardinia Grand Slam.

Overall the competition has been a success both from a competitive and organizational point of view. Porto Pollo has always been world renowned as an ideal windsurfing spot, but proved to be particularly suitable also for hosting an international kitesurf Kitesurf #Kitesurf event.

The appointment is set for 2017, when still on this very beach, there will be a new edition of the Sardinia Grand Slam.

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