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Courrier Dunkerque won the Tour de France à la Voile 2014

Last year’s winner Groupama 34 finished 2nd

samedi 26 juillet 2014Information Tour Voile

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After three last inshore races today in Nice, Daniel Souben and his crew won the Tour de France à la Voile. It is the third time that the team of Courrier Dunkerque finishes the event at the top of the podium, after winning the race twice in a row in 2008 and 2009. Last year’s champion Groupama 34, who managed to get as close as 7 points from the race leader just a few days ago, was not strong enough to beat Courrier Dunkerque. The key to Daniel Souben’s success this year has been an incredible consistancy, on both inshore and offshore races, and a fantastic team work. « Our strength also comes from the fact that our crew remained the same from the beginning to the end. Before we would have brought some fresh blood to the team for the Mediterranean, but this time we were the same 9 crew from Dunkerque to Nice », admitted skipper Daniel Souben.

The two rivals have offered some exceptionnal sailing moments. In Bréhat, for example, the two boats started a crazy match-racing match-racing #MatchRacing duel a few meters from the rocky shores. Groupama 34 performed really well in the inshore races but missed two major high scoring offshore legs, which ended up costing them a lot. Every single mistake in this year’s game actually cost a lot to both teams. And one of the reasons for that might be the new one-design sails that the teams received just before the event started in Dunkerque and that leveled the competition. But Groupama 34 also had an amazing crew, with Fabien Henry (who has 12 Tours under his belt as a skipepr or project manager, including 5 victories) as a skipper for the Atlantic side of the race, and Franck Cammas for the Mediterranean. « It was a fierce battle until the end and it was not easy at the beginning of the Mediterranean when we saw Franck stepping onboard and winning a few races in a row. He has this ability to gather and motivate his troups and it could be intimidating. But we never stopped believing in a possible victory. We stayed strong until the end », declared Daniel Souben.

Third place of the podium was disputed until the end today in Nice. Bretagne Crédit Mutuel Elite was still third this morning when they left the dock, but Team Oman Sail managed to reach their goal, stepping up on the podium for the first time in four participations in the the Tour de France à la Voile. The Omani crew who was in difficulty in the Mediterranean sailed better in the last few days. Last night they were back three points behind Nicolas Troussel, and the three races today in Nice were enough for Oman Sail to win the few points they were missing to realise their dream. The team skipper Sidney Gavignet greeted the progress of his Omani crew.

The Corinthian team Normandy Acerel can also be proud of their performance in this Tour. Baptiste Choquenet won the Corinthian ranking but also finished 5th overall, in front of the professionnal team Ville de Genève - Carrefour Addictions. The Normands sailed really well since they arrived in the Med. The team quickly found their marks with their new crew, including match-racer Cédric Château and Figaro sailor Alexis Loison.

Although Nantes Saint-Nazaire outshined in the last few races, it was not enough to get back in contact with Normandy-Acérel. Jean-baptiste Gellée and his team finished 7th overall, in front of the young crew of Toulon Provence Méditerranée Coych who struggled finding their rythm with their new crew members who stepped onboard for the Med.

The Belgian-Swiss team Be- Brussels – Bienne Voile finished 9th but will keep great memories of this Tour de France à la Voile. They have learnt a lot and never stopped progressing from Dunkerque to Nice. They deserve a trophy for their cheerfulness and their dedication.


Classement général provisoire avec 33 courses :

  • 1 Courrier Dunkerque 3, Daniel Souben 1038 pts
  • 2 Groupama 34, Franck Cammas 1020 pts
  • 3 Team OmanSail, skipper, Sidney Gavignet 956 pts
  • 4 Bretagne - Crédit Mutuel Elite, skipper Nicolas Troussel 954 pts
  • 5 Normandy – Acerel, Baptiste Choquenet 917 pts
  • 6 Ville de Genève – Carrefour Addictions, Nicolas Groux 898 pts
  • 7 Nantes Saint-Nazaire, Jean-Baptiste Gellée 882 pts
  • 8 Toulon Provence Méditerranée, Florian Simonnot 870 pts
  • 9 Be Brussels Bienne Voile, Delphine Wolters et Olivier Bessire 776 pts

Classement général provisoire au large après 7 courses :

  • 1 Courrier Dunkerque 3, Daniel Souben 441 pts
  • 2 Bretagne – Crédit Mutuel Elite, Nicolas Troussel 407 pts
  • 3 Groupama 34, 406 pts (…)

Classement général technique provisoire après 26 courses :

  • 1 Groupama 34, Franck Cammas 614 pts
  • 2 Courrier Dunkerque 3, Daniel Souben 597 pts
  • 3 Team Oman Sail, Sidney Gavignet 557 pts (…)

Classement général amateur provisoire après 33 courses : 1 Normandy - Acerel, Baptiste Choquenet 917 pts 2 Toulon Provence Méditerranée, Florian Simonnot 882 pts 3 Nantes Saint-Nazaire, Jean-Baptiste Gellée 870 pts 4 Be Brussels Bienne Voile, Delphine Wolters et Olivier Besire 776 pts

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